Jamaica has arrived

This is the first time I have brought in Clifton Mount Single Estate Rainforest Alliance certified coffee and as of the first batch that I roasted I can say that the taste is fabulous. In years gone by I roasted Mavis Bank as well as Wallenford Estate but so far this truly single estate tops them all for the crop year of 2012. Playing with all kinds of ways of making it I have so far liked it the most in a pour over as well as a drip. The Vacu Pot came in next and then the press. The stove top I wasn’t crazy about yes a strong cup but the nuances were lost run as a single origin espresso came out a little sharp but with a long lasting chocolate flavour. The chemex and aeropress are the next 2 ways I will make the coffee and look forward to the final outcome. I only managed to get so much this year so if you have an opportunity to try it I certainly recommend it. We will be brewing it in house over the next few months and of course the beans are available for you to take home. Oh yes last thing the coffee is being sold at $35.99 a lb an unbelievable price for this particular coffee.

Thank you


We brought in our first batch of Daterra coffee in February hoping that we would have sufficient stock for 3 months.

Well to our surprise and to everyone’s delight we roasted everything in just over a month. I managed to get a second load of 2 varieties, the Villa Borghesi and the Bruzzi Espresso.

I hope this supply will last till June but we shall see. these coffees are quite versatile and we experimented by making them in a variety of different methods. We used the french press, aeropress, chemex, hario, stove top and our own Astoria 3 group espresso machine.

All in all we were quite surprised and pleased with the results. Each of my staff had a particular favourite or 2 but these coffees worked so well in all methods. If you have a chance to try it I hope you enjoy the taste.